Delays in responding to medical emergencies can be a matter of life and death. GeoRadius can help in locating the nearest ambulance from the distress location, saving a few critical minutes of response times.

Public Transport
Rash & negligent driving of public transport bus causes alarming deaths of pedestrians and commuters. By using the various performance parameters, a driver/bus ranking system has been designed to weed out potentially dangerous drivers/buses before they can cause greater damage. Display of the exact arrival time of bus through display system within the bus and on the bus stop allows commuters to remain calm while embarking and dis-embarking the bus
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GPS - Automatic Vehicle Tracking System
Shareware Dreams, is a web based automatic vehicle tracking system, which uses GPS with GSM/GPRS technologies to track your vehicles location, speed, direction, security and safety. shareware dreams allows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles with assurance and confidence, AVTS acts as your Private Business Radar, allowing you to track & trace your vehicles while sitting at your desk.
Shareware Dreams, is a total fleet management solution and which helps reduce cost, improve performance, enhance utilization & productivity, ensure time management and increase customer satisfaction. With the aid of the GPS-based dispatch system, your fleet is tracked in real-time minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and logistics cost. Post analysis reports such as driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatch, vehicle efficiency are available as also security features like Geo-fencing, Emergency button, Panic button and active disabling.

Some of the basic features of Shareware Dreams are : Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, SMS alerts, Route Mapping, Geofencing, Way Points Management, vehicle snapshot, route replay. If you have a high value consignment to be transported, you can watch the movement of the vehicle from starting point till destination. Nearest emergency service (PCR vans, Ambulance & fire tenders) vehicles can be simultaneously dispatched to the affected areas.
There is a growing concern for employee security, especially for women force in the BPO industry, considering odd shift timings. Waypoints ensures on time pick-up of employees. Geofencing/ Remote Mapping provides immediate notification of any deviation from the predetermined route.
Fleet Management System
Fleet management is the most important function for any bus based public transport organization. This involves scheduling and planning of routes and at the same time ensuring that the buses run as per the schedule. This becomes exceptionally difficult in bigger cities where the number of buses involved is very high and all these buses perform repetitive trips. The failure of management in ensuring timely operations has resulted in the bus system becoming unpopular and shift in traffic to the personalized modes of transport. . However GPS based Intelligent Transport Systems provide the possibility of monitoring the movement of vehicles at an affordable cost. Presented in this paper is a system, which was evolved by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) for tracking of its buses. It has been brought out that an efficient vehicle system would require the integration of two modern technologies viz. the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Geographical Information System (GIS). © 2008. All Rights Reserved.