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New Tracker - DX-300. DC-300 is a microcontroller based speed control device suitable for all vehicles. Away from Live Tracking, the device has real time recording of all abnormal and predefined events like a black box. Time and the events are stored on the local memory and retrievable later on a personal computer.

          Input speed sensing as Pulse or Analog. Scalable.

         Control through fuel solenoid or electrical circuit.

          Intelligent firmware for smooth control, so that, driver
         does not feel any discomfort.

         Audio alarm on reaching abnormal speed limits as set.

         Works on 12/24/48VDC.

         Hardware based watchdog monitoring.

Automated Voice Announcement System
This small system is a practical complementary system to our passenger counting and schedule adherence systems. This automated voice announcement device lets you communicate with your passengers without distracting the vehicle's operator. You can use it for next stop announcements, general or even promotional announcements.
Electronic media display system
The electronic media display system of Shareware Dreams, is a accredited enterprise which is using embedded technology blended with mechanism, software & electronics. L.E.D. (Light Emitting Doide) are very exciting & excellent media for indoor & outdoor advertising and are clearly visible from very long distance. It is providing to be the best way of generating more business in this competitive world. An everlasting business banners for your shops, offices, or any commercial purpose. Very effective at road signals and and have very high visibility in foggy or in smoked roads. Our services are very instant and  at competitive cost.
Best features of LED Display Boards.


Helping in generating more business.


Give your business a professional image.


Increase your profits with a one time investment.

GPS based automated station announcement display inside AC coaches.
Automated voice announcement based on GPS in local suburban trains.
Other navigation solutions.
Various Fleet management solutions.


Interactive Voice Response System
The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is an ISA bus based PC plug-in card for Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI). The IVR was preceded by the development of the 'Master Blaster' in 1994. The Master Blaster is a compact, low-cost parallel port based device for audio replay and recording. It is India's first and the only such device till date.
The device can digitise and replay audio at software programmable sampling rates from 8KHz to 22KHz. It has built-in anti-aliasing filters and an audio mixer. The technology assimilated while developing Master Blaster was later used for IVRS card.
Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is the generic term given to applications that integrates a Company’s/ Organization's telephone and computer system to become a voice computer that transforms the caller’s telephone into a terminal capable of directly accessing information and services. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems allow the publishing of corporate database information through an interface familiar to everyone, the phone. It is a database interface technology, combining computer telephony hardware (a PC or server with telephony interface cards) and software. It allows a person to ask questions and provide answers by pressing keys on their touch-tone phone

Common uses of IVR?
Automated Attendant: A specialized form of an Interactive Voice Response system. An IVR connected to a PBX. When a call comes in, this device answers it, and says something like: "Thanks for calling the ABC company. If you know the extension number you'd like, push button that extension now and you'll be transferred. If you don't know it, push-button "0" (zero) and the live operator will come on. Or wait a few seconds and the call operator will come on anyway." Sometimes the automated attendant might give you other options -- like "dial 3" for a directory. Automated attendants are sometimes connected also to voice mail systems ("I'm not here. Leave a message for me."). Some people react well to automated attendants. Others don't.

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